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Hermione Granger Rare Pairs | a Hermione-centric community

Hermione Granger Rare Pairs | a HG rare pairs comm
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hgrarepairs is a community for Hermione Granger rare pairs. We like to shine a light on these less common pairings in the Harry Potter fandom, because they need as much if not more love than the regular ships. Discussion about a Hermione rare pair, including vids, fanart, fanfic, or recommendations for these things are welcomed and encouraged.

What is not a Hermione Rare Pair?


What is a Hermione Rare Pair?

A rare pair is a unconventional ship that has a large lack of fans and fanwork dedicated to it.

Community Rules and Posting Guidelines:

By joining this community, you acknowledge that you are aware that R/NC-17 content may be posted here. If you are a minor or if it is illegal for you to view such material in your area, please refrain from clicking on any links to adult content. hgrarepairs and its maintainers are not responsible for minors viewing such material.

All art/fic should be dedicated to a Hermione rare pair. Threesomes/moresomes including Hermione welcome! They may contain popular pairings as long as they are paired with another person - for example: Draco/Hermione/Neville, or even Draco/Hermione/Lucius, because threesomes with these characters are never as popular as two-person het relationships.

Format for posting stories/art:

Posting all stories as links to your journal or other website is preferred. No LJ-cuts with your story/art underneath. We like comments to go where comments are due. Of course, if you prefer different or your website doesn't allow comments, full steam ahead!

Please no flaming pairings, other users, any posts. Don't be a jerkwad. Respect your fellow fandomers.

All fic and art posted in the community will be based entirely on fictional circumstances. The community in no way condones and is adamantly against any illegal activities or abuse towards anyone.

If there are problems or if you have questions about the site, please PM treeson for help.

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